Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Henri Fayol Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Henri Fayol - Essay Example Organizing is the next step of management after planning. The materials or resources required for the project must identified at the planning stage itself which should be arranged at the organizing stage. The next step is to co-ordinate between different players of the project. For example, different types of works may be required for a project which may be done partly at different places. There should be a co-ordination between the members of the project in order to ensure the success of the project. The manager must act as a link in the co-ordination process. Commanding and controlling are the last step in management action. If the project is done partly at different places, nobody, except the manger knows about the final outcome of the project. So commanding and controlling of the project must be done by the manager. For example, in tire manufacturing industry, various parts of the tire, tread, beads, plies, etc. are manufacturing at different places of the plant. These parts have different specifications for different types of tires like car tire truck tire etc. The manager is the only person who has better idea about which tire should be manufactured with priority and for that purpose which parts need to be manufactured at other locations. Based on that, he has to advice the workers at different sections like bead section, tread section, and ply section. â€Å"Henri Fayol, an advocate of the experimental method, built his administrative theory from his experiences† (Wren). Today’s managers heavily depend on academic credentials for solving problems. They are totally wrong. They must realize that as in the case of every other segment of life, practice makes a person perfect. No academy or institution can give us readymade solutions for everyday problems face by the mangers. Education can only guide a manager to arrive at conclusions rather than taking decisions. Decisions of managers must be custom made for the organization he is working

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