Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Type II diabetes in Adults Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Type II diabetes in Adults - Research Paper Example process of the disease, the pancreases makes extra insulin to make up for it but as time progresses it can no longer keep up and lacks the ability of making enough insulin of sustaining the glucose levels to their normal levels. The liver, fat and muscle cells lack their ability to respond correctly to insulin, and the blood sugars do not get into the cells where they are stored for energy. Thus, this results in a high level of sugars building up in the blood a condition that is referred to as hyperglycemia. When greater glucose levels build up in the blood, the body lacks its ability to function properly. This can result in damage to nerves and small vessels in the kidneys, eyes and heart resulting in atherosclerosis, heart attacks or even stroke. Dehydration is also bound to result as high levels of sugars build up results in increased urination, and the person may also suffer from a diabetic coma (Guidelines & Force, 2005). The symptoms of type II diabetes build up slowly, and an individual may be suffering from the condition for years without their knowledge. Common symptoms include increased urination and thirst as the excess buildup of sugars in the body causes fluids to be pulled out of the body tissues. The person also suffers from increased hunger due to the inability of insulin to help in the moving of sugar in the cells and body muscles thus the person become depleted of energy. Weight loss is another symptom though individuals have a tendency of eating more than usual in an effort of relieving hunger (Alberti et al., 2007). Due to the body’s inability of metabolizing glucose, it utilizes other sources of energy stored in fat and muscles resulting in weight loss. The person also suffers from fatigue due to the depletion of sugars in the body, therefore; the body becomes irritable and tired. When the sugars levels are too high, the fluid is pulled from the eye lenses resulting in blurred vision. Other symptoms include slow healing and reduce body

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