Friday, October 18, 2019

Challenges to Social Policy in Relation to Globalisation Essay

Challenges to Social Policy in Relation to Globalisation - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that the process of globalization has, in fact, weakened several institutions developed by nation-states to structure social policy formation. Systems created by policymakers and by the people within their context are not able to resolve the most serious issues at present. Most believe that social policy formation must presently have a regional or global importance. However, the needed networks or institutions are largely absent in that area. In essence, globalization is the concept that has been used to describe an array of political, social, cultural, technological, and economic factors and mechanisms that are believed to have generally created the specific aspects of current living. National welfare policies and processes have become much more globalized than is generally believed. Consideration of the influence of globalization on social policy, therefore, requires exploring policies and systems that connect people and places all over t he world. Globalisation has influenced social policy in two major ways. First is examining social policy development in domains of extraterritorial governance. These domains of governance could be global (IMF, UN, etc.) or trans-regional (ASEAN, EU, etc.). Second is placing emphasis on cross-border movement of products, services, people, and knowledge as they concern the effects of social policies on communities, policy development, and social welfare

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