Friday, October 18, 2019

Public policy problem statement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Public policy problem statement - Essay Example ance and lack of concern for the lives of others has turned urban squares into crime dens where criminals with sadistic motives target innocent civilians. As a corollary, the main objective of this document is to establish the most significant factors of enhancing safety in urban squares and to devise a plan for resolving the safety problems. This will be achieved by making a comparative analysis on three outstanding theorists’ perspectives concerning the area under discussion. An urban square should be able to host strangers from different backgrounds and at the same time ensure the safety of the individuals and property within its precincts (Jacobs, 1961, 30). The Pleasance of a place is contingent to its ability to protect the inhabitants from menaces and physical harm as well as psychological protection from insecurity, fear becoming a victim of crime (Gehl, 2008, 162). The concept of a safe urban square can be best defined in contrast with the concept of an unsafe urban square. Insecurity can be looked at from two different perspectives: i.e. the objective and subjective perspectives. From an objective perspective, Insecurity take account of all factors that impedes the safety of an individual, such as aggravated burglary, murder, violent assaults, sexual harassment among others. On the other hand insecurity from a subjective point of view requires a broad-spectrum judgment of an incident in terms of regional safety and space. Insecurity and poverty are two phenomena that are very interrelated. This is because leads to social disorders such as robbery, violence, assault and the like (Salehi, 2008, 107). A plan aimed at ensuring a safe and secure urban square should include elements of both safety (protection against arson, environmental pollutions, car accidents and other unanticipated natural events) and security (prevention against crime targeting individuals and their properties e.g. sexual harassment, robbery with violence among others (Salehi, 2008,

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