Friday, October 4, 2019

Healthcare Code of Ethics Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Healthcare Code of Ethics - Case Study Example This paper will therefore focus on discussing the content of Montefiore's Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics for Montefiore medical center is an explicit document containing the ethical principles and values to which the organization is committed to. The idea behind its establishment was to build the stated ethical principles into decision making at all ranks of the organization. Raymond (2008), states that the center's Code of Ethics grew out of the recognition that the health care / medical organizations had a massive impact on the type of health services available in the community and that the community's health needs were not adequately met. As a result, Montefiore medical center concluded that a code of ethics would be of tremendous help to the staff members, patients and other stakeholders. They therefore established and incorporated it into their management systems. Brian and Dennis (2009), indicates that Montefiore's Code of Ethics was the first established organizational code of ethics by a health care facility in the United States of America. This has played a major role in ensuring that the health facility is on the leading lane to a new level of ethical analysis of organizational decision making and aligning the stage on how the health facilities across the country make tough choices. This was therefore an important step towards improving the nation's health care. The medical center makes every effort to abide by the ethical principles stated in the Code of Ethics in all areas of medical education, community service, clinical research, patient care and all facets of administrative functions (Raymond, 2008). The stated ethical principles in the Code usually explain the guidelines for acceptable and decent behavior of managers, health care providers and the rest of the volunteers and associates. Therefore, Montefiore puts a lot of effort in order achieve the stated standards in all aspects of its clinical and organizational activities. To start with, the Code of Ethics outlines the organizational principles and clinical principles. Montefiore medical center is usually aware that the managers and their associate are ethically obliged to the staff, patients and the surrounding community. Therefore, it puts its efforts in creating an ethical organizational environment, engaging in responsible stewardship, supporting fair marketing, communication practices and pursuing a socially responsible agenda. It is also aware of its primary mission that focuses on providing high standards and ethically-based patient care. As a result, it monitors the quality of care, protects the patient's confidentiality and privacy, promotes multidisciplinary clinical consultation and supports ethical clinical decision making. In order to create an ethical organizational environment in Montefiore, the code of ethics states that ethical decision in the institution should be promoted through mechanisms that assimilate ethical analysis into administrative / clinical deliberation and policy development. Brian and Dennis (2009), states that the Code of Ethics seeks to promote the welfare of animals during research and to protect the rights of human subjects, develop strategies for applying the ethical principles, establish a criterion for resolving ethical disagreements, involve the staff in

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